"We are here not for income, but for outcome"

She aspires global is a not for profit social orientation and leadership organization focused on women and girls development to help reach their full potential and explore possibilities.


By 2030, we target to help one million teenage girls in Africa to overcome low self-esteem and develop their self-leadership ability, so that they will become self-aware and begin to set targets.


To raise a generation of women who are sound and bold to maximize their abilities and be effective in all spheres of life.


To equip and empower women and girls through different means, in order to expose their inherent abilities and potential, so that they can do more.

Our Projects

Equipping/empowering women and girls to reach their full potential.

About the Founder

She Aspires Global was founded by Lawuro-Sekani A. Zwandor, a women and girls development advocate. Lawuro-Sekani is passionate about growth, personal development and behavioral programming. She believes that teenage girls from below average households are often times subject to a level of abuse and social conditioning that makes them lacking in the ability to make informed decisions. Her desire is to help such girls overcome post-abuse effect and begin to take progressive steps towards success and personal fulfillment.

Lawuro-Sekani is a peak performance consultant and result coach. She is also a goal setting expert. She did a project management course with the University of Washington. Her trademark skill is her ability to nurture dreams to life. She is known as the queen of goals, as she uses the art of goal setting to create results for herself and others. She has a B.tech in computer science education and a PGD in computer science. She taught in secondary schools for eight years. She is very passionate about teaching. Her ultimate goal is to help women become who they aspire to be. She believes that if the woman is celebrated, supported and encouraged more, she will be courageous to overcome the cultural and social beliefs around her.


What Our Donors Over the World Are Saying

You do a wonderful job with the kids that require our help and support the people in need all over the globe. I will definitely join you as a volunteer!

Lorraine Franklin

It's always a pleasure to work with these guys - they know what they want and that is why they achieve their goals. Thanks a lot for the team spirit and your work!

Brett Lewis

Your performance under the most trying circumstances was nothing less than exemplary. You are the sole reason our rescue mission actually happened! Cannot thank you enough.

Dianna Young