Our Projects


GWV is a self esteem leadership program for female teens. It is a social cultural renaissance project that is focused on addressing the psycho-social needs of teenage girls. To provide them the needed mentorship, shape their values, inspire them to a higher level of achievement and increase their self-awareness.
Strategic goal.
By 2030, we target to help one million teenage girls in Africa to overcome low self-esteem and develop their self-leadership ability, so that they will become self- aware and begin to set targets.


DEFEND THE FEMALE BODY is a campaign for protecting the female body. It is aimed at helping women in the rural communities live an improved lifestyle, through health care, hygiene education, skill acquisition and providing protection to their bodies


This is a storytelling production of she aspires global where women share from their experiences so that other women can learn from them;

– Stories can be shared by women about other women ( a mother, sister, friend, colleague, neighbor ,an icon or celebrity) who did something that touched their lives or something that stood out.

Stories can be shared by successful women who had to cross a lot of hurdles to get to where they are now.

"There's no limits to your aspirations and who you can be or achieve in life as a woman."